SDx Design Center

Interactive Design Center


An easy-to-use tool that let’s your customers design and customize their next dream home.

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Get Qualified Leads within your Reach

Once they’ve configured their floor plans, your visitors will want to save them.  This is the perfect opportunity to collect contact information, transforming “simple” website visitors into qualified leads.

Achieve Unprecedented Visitor Engagement

With SDx Design Center, your customers will immerse themselves in a highly engaging, customized experience, staying up to five times longer on your website.

Personalization they Crave

Thanks to our wide array of interior views, upgrade options, exterior paint color packages, cabinets, lighting, and flooring selections your potential buyers will spend up to ten minutes per floor plan, personalizing and scaling their concepts.

Proven Success

A Powerful, Versatile Sales Tool

SDx Design Center integrates seamlessly within your website and is designed with your brand.  Your website is optimized based on different screen sizes, which allows you to tap into a wide range of potential customers – from those who prefer desktop browsing to the ever-increasing mobile-first pool of buyers.



SDx Design Center easy-to-use interface is designed to guide customers from section to section.  Included in Suite 3 SDx Design Center.

  • 1 Floor Plan with 1 to 6 Interactive Room Options (Renderings not included in this package)
  • HTML5 Landing page
  • Exterior Paint Color Package
  • Roof and Paver Package
  • Cabinet Package
  • Countertop Package
  • Flooring Package
  • Interior Wall Color Package
  • Bonus Package
  • Report of items selected
  • Registrations

SDx Suite


SDx Suite of turnkey solutions enable home builders and real-estate developers not only to sell more effectively but also deliver the homes their customers are anticipating, thereby minimizing costly misunderstandings and cancellations.